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"Accelerator Gave us More Than we Could Even Imagine"
Артём Таганов, СЕО HintEd
Sber500 Accelerator is probably the best acceleration program in Russia today. They not only give you the chance to get help and expertise from 500 Global mentors and experts but also make awesome matchmaking with top Russian enterprises who need your product. During the program, we've onboarded several companies from the Sber ecosystem as well as some other well-known companies. The Sber500 brand is the quality mark that shows that your product is fundable and sellable. All the program is dynamic and fast-paced and you have to be ready to be fully committed to it, but it is definitely worth it!
Артемий Доможаков, ex CMO Антисон
I wouldn't call our product approachable in terms of its compatibility with sales best practices, or growth hacking mechanics. Yet, somehow, we'd beed very surprised to make it into final "Top-25" batch this year. Only later we understood that the Sber500 team had the same idea as we did: challenge only makes it more interesting.

In the next eight weeks our expectations had been exceeded numerous times. Instead of trying out some universal go-2-market playbook, our mentors had us rework the product value proposition, our approach to sales, the way we view our audience, and how we reach out from the ground up using expertise from the mentors around the globe.

Corporate acceleration programmes and innovation labs are one of the key sales channels for us, so in the last two years we have seen every major corporations' startup acceleration track. Sber500 takes it to a whole new level!

I haven't seen another place where you could rework your sales strategy with a B2B expert from Canada, build client personas with one of the design thinking founding fathers, adjust unit-economy model with one of the ZenJob founders, and then pitch your project to several funds and corporations – all of that in one day.

The project showed significant growth not just in term of business metrics, closed deals, and leads in the funnel, but as a team we had a much deeper expertise, better understanding our product and the market. Founders, sign up! The last, yet important piece of advice: don't forget to do your homework before the deadline during the bootcamp! :)
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Before 30 high-tech business teams were trained in the Russian-American project
Sberbank selected startups
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Pitch day of the joint accelerator of Sber and 500 Startups took place in San Francisco. Within the event 7 Russian companies presented their projects to private investors and potential business partners.
Choosing the best. Russian startups presented in San Francisco
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30 companies graduated from the joint accelerator of Sber and 500 Startups. Seven of them will undergo an internship in Silicon Valley and demonstrate their projects to American investors.

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Sberbank And 500Startups Partner To Accelerate Russian Startups
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Mark Zavadsky, Sber vice president,
Сhief of Ecosystem development (Sber X), interviewed by Kommersant FM
"We have selected a wide variety of companies in a wide variety of industries"
Teams will receive a four-week training under the Silicon Valley Exchange Program
Sberbank selected seven startups for Silicon Valley
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Mark Zavadsky, Sber Vice President,
Сhief of Ecosystem Development (Sber X)
Why Sber needs own accelerator?
Take your project to the next level
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