Please join us at Pitch Day
for the Sberbank 500 Accelerator
31 May, 2:30 PM — 6:00 PM
500 Startups' Headquarters, 814 Mission Street,
6th floor, San Francisco 94 103, United States
About Pitch Day
500 Startups and Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, which is building an ecosystem in Russia, have created a joint accelerator. The accelerator has provided Silicon Valley growth education to a batch of young Russia-based companies, helping them to scale and fundraise.
A total of 840 applications were submitted to the program. Experts from 500 Startups, Sberbank, 25 corporate partners and investment funds selected the 30 strongest startups. Over two months, the teams learnt from their US mentors throughout this acceleration program.
Only seven startups won the Accelerator and got their chance to participate in the Silicon Valley Exchange program, meet high-innovative corporates, unicorns and potential partners.

Pitch Day is a FREE, invite-only event for active and accredited investors to view 500 Startups' and Sberbank's accelerator startups before they graduate.

We are setting aside time during the event for one on one meetings between investors and startups. This way you can be guaranteed face time with the companies you are interested in and have a chance to get all your questions answered. Details will follow after you register for the event.
Please register only if you fit one
or more of the audience criteria:
You are an active, accredited investor (no analysts, interns, lawyers, or startup founders, please)
You are tech press or a mainstream media professional
You are a potential strategic partner at a large tech company (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc.). You must be in an investment-making position
You are an Annual Partner or Limited Partner of 500 Startups
2:30-3:30 pm
Registration and Networking
3:30-4:00 pm
Welcome from 500 Startups and Sberbank
4:00-4:30 pm
4:30-6:00 pm
Networking & 1-on-1 Investor/Founder Meetings
Meet the batch
Data Screen
Product: A service for analysing and managing digital content distribution

During acceleration five new corporate clients were signed up: four in movies and one in e-books


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Product: A document constructor that lets users create error-free documents in a matter of minutes

During acceleration three new pilot projects were launched and contracts were signed with three new corporate clients


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Mishka AI
Product: A smart soft toy that incorporates AI and a built-in platform for delivering content for children

During acceleration the first batch of the product was created and sold


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Product: An AI-based neural interface that helps people recover motor functions after brain injuries

During acceleration a pilot of the product was launched at several Russian clinics and at a chain of Spanish clinics


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Oz Forensics
Product: A platform that verifies the authenticity of digital documents and photos

During acceleration the company entered the US market


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Third Opinion
Product: An AI-based service for automatic analysis of medical images

During acceleration a major client was gained


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Product: A B2B wholesale seafood marketplace

During acceleration 50 new suppliers joined the system (growth speed increased by 100%)


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Want to invite someone?
Pitch Day is an invite-only event. If you'd like to invite an active, accredited investor or their representatives, please send them the link to register. We carefully vet each attendee to make sure that they meet our audience criteria.

For any questions about the event, please email
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