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Sber500's Team
Natalya Magidey
Managing Director, Head of the Accelerator
Ilya Blokhin
Executive Director, Operations
Tatiana Kortikova
Executive Director, Startup Integration
Maxim Barsamyan
Executive Director, Scouting and Partnerships
Irina Koroleva
Executive Director, Sber Startup Community
Alexander Voynolovich
Manager, Accelerator Coordinator
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Sber's team
Herman Gref
President, Chairman of the Board
Lev Khasis
First Deputy Chairman of the Board
Alexander Vedyakhin
First Deputy Chairman of the Board
Andrey Vanin
Senior Vice President - Head of Ecosystem Development Unit (SberX)
Andrey Kartashyan
Vice President - Head of Corporate Development
Natalya Dudina
Senior Vice President - Head of HR Branch
Natalya Alymova
Senior Vice President - Head of Wealth Management Branch
Oleg Golubtsov
Chief Executive Director, Head of Classified Industry
Vladislav Kreinin
Senior Vice President - Director of Marketing and Communications Department
Konstantin Kruglov
Senior Vice President for New Digital Surfaces
Alexander Belokopytov
Vice President - Head of B2B Ecosystem
Oksana Smirnova-Krell
Vice President for Ecosystem Technological Development
Andrey Vasilevsky
Chief Executive Director of Sber Automotive Technologies Department
Sergey Malyshev
Vice President - Head of E-Commerce Industry
Tatiana Dobrokhvalova
Senior Vice President - Head of Media and Advertising Industry
Vladimir Mosin
Executive Director - Head of SberAds
Mikhail Ilyichev
CEO SberZvuk
Anatoly Zinger
CEO SberHealth
Olga Turischeva
Dean of Sberbank Corporate University
Igor Baranov
Vice-Dean of Sberbank Corporate University
Vera Garmash
Stanislav Andreev
CEO SberMarketing
Evgeny Kolbin
Vice President, CEO SberCloud
Alisa Chumachenko
CEO SberGames
Asan Kurmanguzhin
CEO SberMarket
Janik Fayziev
General producer Okko
Solomon Kunin
CEO SberMegaMarket
Vyacheslav Bocharov
Founder Samokat
Vitaly Bedarev
CEO Citymobil
Anton Buzdalin
CEO SberEapteka
"Through entrepreneurship development and helping young people we can create an investment climate and modern economy that is capable of moving the country forward"
Herman Gref
500 Global's Team
Christine Tsai
Courtney Powell
Bedy Yang
Managing Partner
Natalia Fedulova
Associate Director Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Pedro Vieira
Program Director
Katrin Zlobina
Program Coordinator
Katya Kohen
Stephan von Perger
Emily Basileo
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