Startup Heartex, a Sber500 accelerator graduate, raises $25 million

The service creates labeling tools to train machine learning algorithms to make decisions instead of humans.

Customers for the machine learning labeling system include companies that accumulate large quantities of data, such as insurance companies that store massive amounts of loss event photos. They use Heartex solutions to convert those data into a more computer-readable format.

The startup received $25 million in round A from Redpoint Ventures assisted by Unusual Ventures, Bow Capital and Swift Ventures. The investment will be used to improve their product and increase the company’s headcount from 28 to 68 by the end of the year.

The startup was launched in 2019 by Mikhail Malyuk, Nikolay Lyubimov and Maxim Tkachenko. That same year the startup became one of the winners of the Sber500 international accelerator. Heartex pitch presentation.