AI improves workout efficiency and safety


Russian developers have created, a start-up that analyzes and tracks human movements using artificial intelligence. The platform runs on computer vision.

“Computer vision can locate key points in the musculoskeletal system, such as elbow flexion or shoulder-pelvis parallelism, or track shoulder-to-floor parallelism, for one thing,” said Konstantin Piskunov, the founder and CEO of the company that designed the solution.

Here is how you interact with the platform: point your phone’s camera at someone to identify the key points of their body. The key points will be linked by lines, and color will highlight if your technique or movement is not perfect. This is how you track inaccuracies, functional abnormalities in your musculoskeletal system, and prevent injuries, developers say.

“The dataset to fine-tune the system is updated regularly. Even now, our solution is capable of spotting issues. However, the start-up’s future goal is to establish diagnoses without people at all to cut time and money costs to the minimum,” Konstantin Piskunov said.

The start-up has already signed a contract with the Federation of Ski-Jumping and Nordic Combined of Russia, the Center for Sports Training of the Russian National Teams, and the Thai Boxing Federation of Russia.