Sber’s Blockchain Lab agrees to partner with no-code platform Directual


Members of Sber’s ComUnity of DeFi developers and experts will have access to the platform’s visual builder, Directual, and test tokens on the ComUnity network for free.

There is only one condition: the app’s purposes must be noncommercial. Access your preferences and join the community here.
ComUnity, a community of developers and Web3 enthusiasts, is an open platform for sharing expertise and finding like-minded people. A Sber500 alumni product, Directual facilitates quick and cost-effective creation of DeFi applications and popularizes Web3 development, which fully aligns with the objectives of the Blockchain Lab.

Alexander Nam, director of Blockchain Laboratory, Sberbank
ComUnity is a community of DeFi developers and professionals, who will be able to test-join the bank’s eponymous blockchain platform on Ethereum. If you seek to be a platform partner, please email us at