Dbrain automates recruitment for SberSolutions

SberSolutions has implemented technologies developed by Dbrain, a Sber500 graduate, resulting in a 3x acceleration of HR documents processing.

SberSolutions has automated its recruitment process using a solution developed by Dbrain, a Sber accelerator graduate. The new technology retrieves data from candidates’ documents and converts them into a digital format.

As a result, SberSolutions has been able to speed up document processing and review by HR specialists by a factor of 3. Once recognized, document scans with pre-filled fields are automatically uploaded into 1S system (throughout the process, all data remain within SberSolutions’ sandbox and are kept secure in accordance with Federal Law dated 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ On Personal Data). An HR officer will only have to check the result against the original input and proceed with hiring steps.

Recognition of more complex documents, such as 182n certificates, STD-R and paper-based work histories, will be automated shortly too. Besides, not only Russian but also Kazakhstan applicants’ documents are up for recognition next.
Once our company graduated from the Sber500 accelerator, we started cooperating with SberSolutions. This has enabled us to work on new cases and tasks that help us develop and improve AI-driven technologies.

Alexey Khakhunov, Dbrain CEO and Co-Founder

Implementation of the recognition technology marks yet another step towards digitization of our company. Not only has the technology sped up the hiring processes, but it also has – thanks to prioritization of tasks – had a positive effect on the quality of our work in general; that’s why we are planning to continue optimization of our adopted document exchange processes and use the solution for our accounting documentation.

Stanislav Nefyodov, SberSolutions CEO