Demo Day Results
Demo Day Results
On April 28, Sber held a Demo Day of the joint acceleration program with 500 Startups, where the most promising technology startups were presented.

During the acceleration program, startups tested more than 1000 hypotheses, executed 111 partnership contracts and reached 250 agreements on pilot projects with companies from the Sber ecosystem as well as Russian and international corporations. During the program period, startups' revenue grew by an average of 2.5 times.
For the first time, Sber500 has become international. More than 1800 applications were received from different countries of the world, including Singapore, Israel, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belarus, the USA.
For the first time, Sber500 has become international. More than 1800 applications were received from different countries of the world, including Singapore, Israel, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belarus, the USA.
The Demo Day was attended by 24 pre-selected startups and more than 100 guests. The expert council of the event included Herman Gref, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank; David Rafalovsky, CTO of Sberbank Group, Executive Vice President, Head of the Technologies Block; Courtney Powell, COO 500 Startups; Maxim Akimov, CEO of Russian Post; Vladimir Chirakhov, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Sistema; Elena Brusilova, CEO of Medsi Group; Mark Karena, CEO of McDonald's Russia; Claudio Cavicholi, CEO of L'Oréal Russia; Stefan Mecha, CEO of Volkswagen Group Rus. Experts noted the projects most interesting to their current business needs.
Teams' pitches
A set of tools that allows to effectively create training datasets for medical AI algorithms

Artem Bakradze

Ubex AI
Service for launching complex advertising campaigns in Programmatic with the possibility of optimization using AI algorithms

Artem Chestnov

A platform that converts any customer communication (calls, chats, mail, reviews, etc.) into structured data, identifies the problems and needs of customers, as well as determines the meaning of the communication

Dmitry Shcherbakov
Basis Genomic Group
Genetic personalization service for medical centers, FoodTech and insurance companies. It helps to understand the genetic characteristics of each client and personalize the product

Anton Aksenov

An HR-tech platform that covers all aspects of working with mass personnel: from strategic planning and operational management to motivation and performance monitoring

Konstantin Saratsev

SaaS solution for news websites that allows to convert articles into podcasts

Andrey Gerasimov

A tool that averagely allows to halve the cost of training, onboarding, adaptation and support for users of corporate information systems and web services

Artem Taganov

Personalization and marketing automation service that links company's financial, non-financial and e-commerce services and increases sales of each of them

Nikolay Nikitin

A platform for new generation online events: a branded space, parallel thematic streams in the program, a virtual exhibition of products and the opportunity to meet and communicate via video communication for guests

Vladimir Polkovnikov
Smart document flow robotization. All types of documents. Quickly and without coding

Alexander Abolmasov

HR marketing and lead generation service for large companies that face constant shortage of candidates

Dmitry Bykovskikh

Technology and service for the separate collection and recycling of recyclable materials, that helps to save on the disposal of wastes and track the movement of recyclable materials for logistics and factories

Elena Kartseva is a SaaS solution that dramatically increases campaign efficiency by revolutionising the approach to target audiences.

Sergey Matsuk

A system for automating the calculation processes, justifying prices and increasing the efficiency of procurement activities for the public sector and business

Mikhail Druzhinin

Service for high-precision non-contact measurements of an object, as well as detection of defects and anomalies

Vasily Manko

A digital logistics platform that allows one logistician to drive twice as many vehicles more efficiently. As a result, the company reduces operating costs, empty mileage and downtime, as well as increases the margins of transportation

Timur Karimov
IT platform with artificial intelligence for patients and doctors

Denis Vurdov

A service to turn complaints into revenue growth and increased customer lifetime value (SaaS, AI).

Anton Popov

A network of mobile advertising backpacks with a built-in FullHD screen that show relevant outdoor advertising in the right place, at the right time, without reference to location for medium and large businesses

Dmitrishin Philipp
Generator of agency and partner sales, combining the whole cycle of work with partners and agents: from onboarding an agent / partner to paying remuneration and taxes to the agent

Alexey Maistrenko

System of non-contact monitoring of the driver's condition

Andrey Belousov
Saves companies the time and money they currently spend on processing documents. The solution extracts data from photos and scans of printed and handwritten documents of any type in 3 seconds

Gleb Korneev
Platform for speeding up employee onboarding in large and growing companies

Dmitry Kalupin

Service for Musicians Worldwide, to make them Popular and Earn with Music. With our platform Musicians Distribute and Promote Music, and Get payments from all streaming platforms in the world

Bronislav Gorbachev